1STPLAYER SFX 750W Platinum Power Supply Review

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1STPLAYER is an interesting brand in that it is essentially a house brand for Helly Technology that was launched in 2010. Helly Technology (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of various power supply types and components mostly focused on LED power supplies and peripherals. Having been founded in 2008 they are also one of the newer OEMs providing products to the enthusiast sector.

To date, we have only rarely seen their products in very low-end products that are not what we would normally look at for higher-end systems with serious power demands. In fact, very few of their products have made it into the North American market and those that have, typically, do not warrant much attention other than to avoid. Today though, it seems that Helly may be trying to provide a more robust set of power supply products for the North American market. So, we are looking forward to seeing what the SFX 750W Platinum Full-Modular (PS-750SFX) can do today.

It is a stupid piece of advertising, be glad you are getting the alt text because the image would melt your brain.

Full Slam What?

I need to start off by asking a few questions today. First, who put together the advertising for this product? Is that dude wearing a King David meets M.(aster) Bison looking shoulder pad/cape outfit with (I guess) a power supply for a head called the “FULL SLAM WARRIOR”? Did anyone ask Vince McMahon if they could license one of his WWE characters for this?

Now, that aside, let me say this about the 1STPLAYER website. It could use better organization for depicting the product specs with links to each product separately. For instance, the above image is the one for introducing the 750W “Platinum” power supply. Yet, it has the 80 Plus “Gold” label. It is because someone decided that the 650W Gold and 750W Platinum power supplies should share the same product page even though they are significantly different in specifications and deserve their own page of descriptions.

To make matters worse for the organization, they thought let’s not leave anyway to directly get to the 750W Platinum product page but rather bury it in the 650W Gold page and specifications list. While the webpage does provide technical specs upon a separate link, it could be organized better between the two products with more information provided.

This is 1STPLAYER’s 750W SFX Platinum entry into the market. Let’s see if they have anything interesting to say:

With the Platinum architecture developed by 1STPLAYER Labs, the 80PLUS Gold certification ensures that the mass-produced models are strictly consistent with the certified models.  Conversion efficiency of up to 92.3% at typical load (50%) under full voltage 115V (more stringent than 230V) test environment.

Again, you can see the inconsistencies here by burying the 750W Platinum product specs within the 650W Gold’s webpage. Let’s move on now and see what we are getting into with the 1STPLAYER SFX 750W Platinum power supply.

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