Unreal Engine 5 Demo Lets You Fly Around a City as Superman

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Image: Tyson Butler-Boschma

A game developer and lighting artist by the name of Tyson Butler-Boschma has released a new playable Unreal Engine 5 demo that lets comic book fans get a little bit closer to the dream of flying around as one DC’s most popular heroes, Superman. The project leverages Epic Games’ City Sample, a free sample project that was released alongside the debut of Unreal Engine 5 in early April. This appears to be the same city that was featured in The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience.

A Superman Style Flight Experience (UE5) (TJATOMICA)

This was a quick thrown together test, there could be any number of issues and problems, but I am putting it out there for anyone who is keen to give it a go. Also, for legal reasons, this character isn’t Superman and I have made sure this is totally free.

Please note that this is an incredibly heavy game and lower end PC’s will struggle potentially. Even on a 3090 I have run into streaming issues…Again, this is based on Epic’s Matrix Demo, just for fun, and I haven’t done any kind of optimisation myself, it’s just plug and play.

The Man of Steel hasn’t starred in his own major video game since 2006’s Superman Returns, a title based on the movie starring Brandon Routh and directed by X-Men’s Bryan Singer. Factor 5 had been developing a Superman game called Blue Steel that reportedly featured epic fights (i.e., “super brawls”), but it was canceled in 2008.

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