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Amazon has introduced a new idea that may have users of its streaming services wondering where that can of Pepsi or bag of M&Ms came from in their favorite shows. Announced during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) NewFronts event earlier this week, Virtual Product Placement (VPP) is a new marketing opportunity that allows companies to insert products into Prime Video and Freevee programming even after filming and production has been completed. Some of the first titles that utilize this technology include Reacher and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, the latter of which has been renewed for two more seasons with actor John Krasinski in the titular role.

“Virtual Product Placement is a game changer,” said Henrik Bastin, CEO of Fabel Entertainment and executive producer of Bosch: Legacy. “It creates the ability to film your series without thinking about all that is required with traditional placements during production. Instead, you can sit with the final cut and see where a product could be seamlessly and naturally integrated into the storytelling.”

Image: Amazon

Amazon unveiled a new Virtual Product Placement (VPP) open beta program during its NewFronts presentation, which enables approved products to be seamlessly inserted into participating Prime Video and Amazon Freevee Original content after filming has wrapped. In collaboration with creative partners, VPP helps brands show up in new places, reaching an audience they want to reach, and allows Amazon content creators to focus on what they do best during the filmmaking process—telling great stories. Some of the most popular Prime Video and Amazon Freevee Original titles are already participating in VPP, including Reacher, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, the Bosch franchise, Making the Cut, and Leverage: Redemption.

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  1. If it works and it isn't obtrusive... I don't care. We've been having advertising like this in movies and TV for FOREVER. The fact that they can swap out brands between views of the same episode just means more flexible targeted marketing. Maybe I love pepsi but not diet pepsi. now they can have characters drinking diet pepsi looking super refreshed so maybe I want to try it. At least that's the hope. And I could care less.

    It's all well and good until someone changes out all of the soda can textures for penis's. Then those shows take on a whole new meaning.

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