Image: G.SKILL

G.SKILL has announced a new set of extremely low-latency DDR5-5600 memory kits designed for 12th Gen Intel Core processors and Z690 chipset motherboards. Available in 64 GB (32 GBx2) and 32GB (16 GBx2) capacities, these new Trident Z5 RGB, Trident Z5, and Ripjaws S5 sticks feature CL timings with a CAS latency of 28. The new kits will be available later this month via the manufacturer’s worldwide distribution partners.

Image: G.SKILL
Image: G.SKILL
Image: G.SKILL

With a focus on breaking the limits of low latency with DDR5 memory, G.SKILL is releasing an extremely low-latency sub-30 timing memory specification at DDR5-5600 CL28-34-34-89. Setting a new bar for low-latency timing performance, this memory specification with CL28 marks a new era of high-end DDR5 memory.

Source: G.SKILL

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  1. I distinctly remember low latency RAM being like CL2, 15 years ago. Now 14x higher, CL28 is Extreme low? :p
    My guess is that cl 12 for 1600mhz is about the same as cl24 for 3200mhz.

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