Addlink Unveils AddGame Spider S5 Memory Kits, Up to 64 GB DDR5-6000 MHz

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Addlink has announced its new line of AddGame Spider S5 DDR5 memory kits. Available with frequencies up to 6,000 MHz, their capacities range from 8 GB to 64 GB (2x 32 GB). They are Intel XMP 3.0 enabled and support Intel’s Dynamic Memory Boost Technology, allowing the memory’s speed to be adjusted by the system for improved performance and power usage. There are three default XMP profiles and two configurable user profiles. The AddGame Spider S5 kits come in silver or black, include a lifetime warranty, and will be available via Addlink’s distribution partners and Amazon in June.

Image: Addlink

Press Release

Introducing the Next Generation of Gaming

AddGameTM Spider S5 comes with speeds at 4800MHz, 5600MHz, and 6000MHz and is designed for the latest DDR5 Platform. DDR5 Per module features two independent sub-channels design, making the DDR5 starting speed at 4800MHz and 50% faster than DDR4 and delivering better performance than the previous generation.

Strengthens Reliability & Stability

The AddGame Spider S5 build with the selected DDR5 ICs tests under the most stringent conditions and features a pure aluminum heat spreader that can effectively reduce the heat generated by the memories under high-speed operation, offering excellent performance and avoiding instability from overheating.

The on-die ECC at the component level strengthens on-chip reliability, reduces the error correction burden on the controller, and improves the system stability at high speeds. In addition, it Integrated Power Management IC (PMIC) to reduce circuit complexity and enhance power supply stability.

Making Overlocking Easier & Smarter

The Spider S5 supports Intel XMP 3.0. It not only provides the one-setting and overclocking feature that makes it easy to perform at the advertised speed but also offers three profiles for a more optimized overclock selection of options. Moreover, the memory has two additional profiles for users to create and save profiles in the module.

In addition, with XMP 3.0, The Spider S5 also comes with Intel’s Dynamic Memory Boost Technology feature. That makes the memory automatically and intelligently transfers to a higher or lower memory speed. For example, if an application requires increased performance, the memory speed will switch to the higher-speed primary mode. When the system is in idle mode, the memory will lower the speed rate to improve the PC’s performance and decrease power consumption.

AddGame Spider S5 is compatible with 12th Gen Intel® CoreTM processors that support the DDR5 motherboard. It has passed 100% factory tests at product speeds and is backed by a lifetime warranty allowing gamers and PC enthusiasts to build high-performance DDR5 PCs.

AddGame Spider S5 DDR5 comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB kits of DDR5-4800, DDR5- 5600, and DDR5-6000 are now available at authorized addlink distribution partners and will be available on Amazon in June 2022.

​Source: Addlink

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