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One of the bigger dreams that Remedy Entertainment has had for its cult-classic Alan Wake franchise is seeing it turned into a live-action TV show, and it appears that’s finally happening. Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy (and the original face of Max Payne) took part in a new video shared today to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Alan Wake’s release and revealed that AMC has purchased the rights to make a TV show centered on the eponymous writer. Lake didn’t have anything more to share regarding the project, but he promised to reveal more details when they’re available. Alan Wake fans can also expect the long-awaited sequel to hit PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S next year. Additionally, Alan Wake Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

You know, as we know, sometimes, making…making video games takes a long while. Well, it kind of turns out that the now and again, making a TV show can take even longer. Some of you might remember that, that we were quite a while ago talking about the Alan Wake TV show. Well, AMC, the wonderful, wonderful home for absolutely brilliant TV shows, has bought the rights for Alan Wake. And we have been collaborating on making a TV show happen. Nothing more to share at the moment. But we will certainly let you know when there is something to announce.

Source: Remedy Entertainment

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  1. On the plus side, they wouldn't need a huge budget for most effects so maybe, just maybe, that could go to other aspects of production like writing and casting. Nah, who am I kidding, we all know that won't happen. ;)

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