NVIDIA Hiring Software Engineer to Work on Next-Gen Graphics Developer Tools for Game Consoles

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NVIDIA has revealed via its LinkedIn page that it is seeking a software engineer to “pioneer the next generation of Graphics Developer Tools for game consoles,” a potential indication of green team bolstering its current squad in preparation for new hardware and/or software for an unannounced gaming system. Creating graphics profiler features for NVIDIA GPUs, implementing graphics debugging features, and writing “fast, effective, maintainable, reliable, and well-documented code” are among the responsibilities that NVIDIA has listed for the new position, which is full time and may come with a base salary as high as $173,250. Being that NVIDIA already supplies hardware for the Nintendo Switch in the form of the Tegra SoC, many have already begun speculating that this may be a sign of the hybrid system’s successor having entered into a more significant phase of development.

Game Console Developer Tools Engineer responsibilities:

  • Create graphics profiler features for NVIDIA GPUs, enabling developers to achieve higher and more consistent frame rates.
  • Implement graphics debugging features by reading / writing GPU registers and memory, and by processing and manipulating GPU commands at the driver level.
  • Work closely with internal and external partners including other peer organizations within NVIDIA.
  • Drive technology discussions and provide valuable feedback about the architecture.
  • Effectively estimate and prioritize tasks in order to create a realistic delivery schedule.
  • Write fast, effective, maintainable, reliable and well documented code.
  • Provide peer reviews to other engineers including feedback on performance, scalability and correctness.
  • Document requirements and designs, and review documents with key partners.
  • Demonstrate growth in technical and non-technical abilities.
  • Meet with the QA Department to develop a test plan for new features.

Are you passionate about 3D graphics, GPUs, and low-level, close to the hardware programming? Have you ever dreamed of helping bring video games to life? Do you want to work with a fast, agile, and experienced team? Are you ready to move at the speed of light? NVIDIA is looking to hire a deeply technical, creative and hands-on software engineer to pioneer the next generation of Graphics Developer Tools for Game Consoles. You will work with the NVIDIA Graphics Tools team to build tools that enable developers worldwide to harness the full power of NVIDIA GPUs. We are looking for a low-level programmer to help us provide the best possible experience for game developers seeking to debug and optimize their games.

Source: LinkedIn

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