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Top Gun fans who aren’t thrilled about having to go to the theater to check out the sequel to Tony Scott’s iconic 1986 fighter jet film probably have franchise star Tom Cruise to thank for that arguable inconvenience. Speaking at a lengthy Q&A at Cannes, the 59-year-old action star revealed that he was adamantly against the idea of having Top Gun: Maverick premiere on a streaming platform (i.e., Paramount+) alongside a traditional theatrical release, giving the usual spiel of how blockbuster films are meant to be enjoyed in the cinema. Cruise stated that a day-one release on streaming was “not going to happen, ever,” and that he loves the theatrical experience so much that he actually enjoys sitting around for the trailers.

“They wouldn’t dare,” Cruise said. “That’s not going to happen, ever. That was never going to happen. Never. Not going to happen.”

“There’s a very specific way to make a film for cinema and I make movies for the big screen,” he added. “I know where to go after that. And that’s fine. But I always thought of a film not just for opening weekend but for the distance.”

“Cinema is my love. It’s my passion. I always go to the movies when they come out – I put my cap on and sit in the audience with everyone. I come in, I want to see the trailers.”

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic put the brakes on Cruise’s other upcoming film, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. Other studios took a chance, releasing their movies online, with Marvel’s Black Widow making waves as one of the first. But Cruise was adamant this would never happen with Top Gun sequel, Maverick.

He also hinted that making films for the big screen is a very different process compared to making films for streaming services.

Source: IGN

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  1. Of course he wouldn't, since it would mean less money for his pocket.

    Do you blame him?

    It's not really his fault his income is based on the number of seats filled in a theater.
    The issue here is; why continue to pay Actors based on that?
  2. Do you blame him?

    It's not really his fault his income is based on the number of seats filled in a theater.
    The issue here is; why continue to pay Actors based on that?
    I don't blame him, but just stated why it was obvious why he wouldn't want it to skip the theater.
  3. Wasn't going to be an in theatre movie for me anyway. Still isn't.

    Might watch it when it comes to some streaming service I happen to have. But not really counting down the days or anything. I don't really recall all that much about the first one - I watched it decades ago and... have had a few beers since.
  4. That's fine. I haven't been inside a movie theater since 2013, and I don't plan on going ever again.

    Only reason I went in 2013 was to be a chaperone for a kids viewing of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2".

    I haven't gone to a movie theater for anything I myself wanted to watch since god knows when. I'm trying to remember the last film I saw in theaters, but I am not sure. It was probably JJ Abrams Star Trek in 2009 (that was a huge disappointment)

    And I remember when I watched that film thinking "gee, I haven't been in a movie theater in a really long time", but I can't remember what the last one before that might have been.

    I like my home theater. Is it perfect? No. It isn't as good as the hardware they have installed in most movie theaters, but it is 95% of the way there, and that last 5% just isn't worth:
    • Not being able to pause to refresh my drink / get a snack / go to the bathroom
    • Having to deal with the other *******s in the theater crinkling their bags, looking at their phones, etc.
    • Not getting the best seat in the house every time
    • Having to pay Michelin star restaurant prices for popcorn and soda
    • Having to leave my house, pay for a ticket, and drive and park park somewhere

    I honestly don't see myself ever going to another movie theater, at least not if I have a say in the matter.

    Sometimes you do things for other people, thus the "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" screening in 2013.

    Thank god he has outgrown that phase.
  5. Whatever. He can say whatever he wants, but it's the studio's decision, not his. And they decided to hold out for theaters for maximum profit level.

    I'll catch this on streaming, no way I am paying real money and dealing with the theater BS for this.

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