GeIL Launches World’s First Actively Cooled DDR5 Memory with Dual RGB Fans

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Image: GeIL

GeIL has shared a press release detailing its new EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory, the world’s first DDR5 memory to feature active cooling in the form of dual RGB fans to help tame high temperatures. The unique dual-fan cooling heatshield can provide approximately 45% more thermal dissipation than traditional designs, the company claims. Available in frequencies from 4800 MHz to 6600 MHz at 1.10 V to 1.35 V and in capacities of 32 GB and 64 GB, GeIL’s new EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory will reach retailers beginning in July in titanium gray and glacier white color themes.

“Gamers and Computer enthusiasts have expected more from GeIL to improve their gaming experience, and our answer is the EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory,” said Jennifer Huang, VP of GeIL Memory. “The EVO V has established a new standard in heat shield design, as we have created an active dual-fan ‘FANtastic’ cooling system to keep EVO V within an ideal thermal range. The RGB illumination and fans are part of a one-piece heat spreader design that enhances overclocking performance and builds an eye-catching system.”

Image: GeIL

GeIL EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory offers unparalleled memory performance and stability to meet the intensive demand of hardcore gamers and overclockers across Intel’s latest platforms. GeIL has crafted a break-through cooling solution for EVO V modules that integrates a stunning RGB light bar and two micro cooling fans into a single molded alumnum heatshield. Most importantly, the physical height of the heat spreader allows it to be compatible with most CPU coolers on the market without any mechanical interference.The heat spreader comes in two color options, titanium gray and glacier white,perfectly matching the most popular color themes of high-end motherboards and desktop PC components.Two cooling fans are located in the heatshield’s upper right and left corners and provide extra airflow to keep the modules operating in an ideal thermal range. The dual-fan cooling heatshield can provide approximately 45% more thermal dissipation than traditional.

The exceptional architecture of the DDR5 memory is based on locked/unlocked PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit), which can provide threshold protection, synchronized voltage monitoring, smart voltage control, and power management to achieve a more comprehensive voltage control under normal and overclocked conditions. Additionally, the on-chip ECC function enables active error correction to improve data integrity and enhance memory performance and stability.The GeIL EVO V supports the latest Intel XMP 3.0 profiles for precision and stability to auto overclocking, giving users more accessible access to customize and tweaking memory performance. Each module uses strictly sorted ICs and memory chips to offer excellent signal integrity and system performance reliability.

Source: GeIL

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