Zeta Halo Experience: Playable Unreal Engine 5 Demo of Halo Released

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Image: Infinite Forges

Developer Infinite Forges has launched the Zeta Halo Experience, a fan-made playable demo that offers a glimpse at what 343 Industries’ sci-fi shooter might look like if it were developed using Epic Games’ latest and greatest game engine. The demo takes place on an undisclosed “desert biome” location on Installation 07, the ring where Halo Infinite takes place, and features plenty of architecture that was inspired by the 2021 installment of the franchise. Halo fans who are expecting to shoot up Covenant will likely be disappointed, as the demo features no combat and only comprises a “fully explorable level,” but a video of the demo running in 1080p on ultra settings with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and Intel i7-9700K processor from IGN can be found below.

Check out the “Zeta Halo Experience,” a Halo location re-created in Unreal Engine 5 by developer Infinite Forges. Infinite Forges used Nanite, Lumen, and other UE5 features to make their own spin on Halo’s classic level design. This was captured in 1080p on ultra settings with an RTX 2080 Ti and an Intel i7-9700K processor. This gameplay contains no combat and is fan-made content. It’s just a walkthrough of a level design made in Unreal 5. You can download the level yourself here! https://infiniteforges.itch.io/zetadesert This was created by Infinite Forges (@Infiniteforges). Music (which we had to replace, unfortunately, but you can hear his arrangement if you download the experience yourself): Mitchell Broom (@MitchellRBroom) Tech Art: Kaleb Nekumanesh (@gearshift_media) Forerunner Models created by @Pep0398.

Source: Infinite Forges (via IGN)

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