NVIDIA Restores Cryptocurrency Mining Limiter in GeForce RTX 30 Series LHR Graphics Cards with Latest Game Ready Driver

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NVIDIA users who are using their GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards specifically for mining purposes may want to stay away from the latest driver. A new video shared by Portuguese YouTuber Juliano Caju has revealed that the GeForce Game Ready 512.95 WHQL driver, which green team released yesterday with support for Hitman 3’s new Year 2 update and the Early Access launch of My Time At Sandrock, restores the full power of the Lite Hash Rate cryptocurrency limiter, something that miners could sidestep thanks to recent developments that include NiceHash’s unlocker. Users who install the new GeForce Game Ready 512.95 WHQL driver will encounter a return to clamped hash rates, which could range from 50% to 70% of the GPU’s real potential. The good news is that NVIDIA’s LHR restoration only applies to its latest driver; users can simply roll back to the previous 512.77 driver to avoid reduced hash rates.

Lite Hash Rate was NVIDIA’s desperate attempt to discourage miners from buying their cards. Unfortunately, the cryptomining community was quick to crack LHR and 70% hashrate unlock came fairly quickly after the first LHR cards were released. However, the full LHR unlock has been available for only two weeks now.

The 512.95 mining lock has been confirmed by a YouTuber Juliano Caju. His RTX 3060 card is limited to 25 MH/s ETH hashrate with ‘nbminer’, which is a lot slower than 46 MH/s on the unlocked driver.

Source: Juliano Caju (via VideoCardz)

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