Returnal: PlayStation 5 Exclusive Headed to PC, Suggests Steam Listing

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The next first-party PlayStation game that is coming to the PC is Returnal, according to a new listing for “Oregon” on the Steam database that includes multiple references to Housemarque’s third-person shooter. Among them are tags such as “rogue-like,” “sci-fi,” and “bullet hell,” all of which line up very closely with the award-winning game, as well as references for Atropos and The Tower of Sisyphus, a new location that was introduced as part of Returnal’s free Ascension update in March. Housemarque was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in June 2021 and became a member of PlayStation Studios following the release of Returnal just a few months earlier in April. Unlike other recent first-party hits such as Horizon Forbidden West, Returnal is not a cross-gen title and is currently exclusive to PlayStation 5.

One source shared footage with VGC appearing to show Returnal running on PC, which strongly suggests it’s one of the next PlayStation console exclusives in line for a port.

Returnal released for PlayStation 5 last April and is Finnish studio Housemarque’s largest and most ambitious project, following several decades focused on 2D arcade-style shooters such as Super Stardust HD and Resogun. Following the release of the game, Housemarque was acquired by Sony.

Returnal PC is yet another title seemingly legitimised from a huge ‘leak’ of unannounced games on Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service last year.

Source: SteamDB (via VGC)

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