Diablo Immortal Can’t Release in Select Regions Due to Loot Boxes

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo Immortal is scheduled for launch in just a few days, but not everyone will be able to easily play the new mobile-oriented installment of Blizzard’s demonic hack-and-slash series. Tweakers has confirmed with the communication manager of Activision-Blizzard Benelux that neither mobile nor PC versions of the game will be released in Belgium and the Netherlands. This is all thanks to these regions’ strict rules against loot boxes in games, which Diablo Immortal apparently has plenty of. Diablo Immortal will launch for iOS, Android, and PC in Open Beta on June 2 at 10 a.m. PDT; pre-load for the PC version has been available since May 26.

After questions from Tweakers, the communication manager of Activision-Blizzard Benelux has confirmed that Diablo Immortal will not appear in the Netherlands and Belgium. The game will not be available in these countries through the app stores, nor will it be available for PC through Battle.net. “This is related to the current operating conditions for games in those countries,” Blizzard cites as the reason. The communication manager does not want to provide any further substantive comment on this.

Source: Tweakers

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