Stock Clock Testing

For our stock clock testing, we have configured our CPU to run at factory settings for speed, and voltage, and configured memory to XMP mode. This yields an approximate power at the wall of 300w under load (a 200w differential from idle, which pulls about 100w). This results in the CPU running at 3.8GHz on all cores during the looping rounds of Cinebench R20. You can read more about this in our introduction article here.

Max Fans – 100% Pump Speed

XPG Levante 360 stock clock, max RPM thermal performance

Starting off our testing, the XPG LEVANTE 360 turned in a temperature of 56 degrees Celsius which was tied in the back of the pack, but still a reasonable showing compared to the others.

Keep in mind that the maximum speed varies between the units in this test. This ranged from the XPG LEVANTE 360 was running at 2150RPM down to the Corsair H115i Platinum in the 1600RPM range.

1500 RPM Fans – 100% Pump Speed

XPG Levante 360 stock clock, 1500 RPM thermal performance

Dropping the fans to 1500 RPM caused the field to separate a bit with the XPG LEVANTE 360 dropping behind its competition at 61 degrees Celsius.

1000 RPM Fans – 100% Pump Speed

XPG Levante 360 stock clock, 1000 RPM thermal performance

We knocked the fan speeds down to 1000 RPM and several of the coolers traded places, except for the XPG LEVANTE 360 bringing up the rear at 68 degrees Celsius.

600 RPM Fans – 100% Pump Speed

XPG Levante 360 stock clock, 600 RPM thermal performance

Finally, down at 600 RPM, the XPG LEVANTE 360 takes a bow for its 83 degree Celcius performance, a full 10 degrees hotter than the SilverStone PF360-RGB and MSI MEG CORELIQUID S360.

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