Test Setup

We will use our standard AIO test rig which you can read more about in its introduction article. We will set up each cooler in the same manner with the radiator attached to the case and the fans blowing into the radiator. The water blocks will be mounted per the manufacturer’s instructions except that we will use Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal paste (2019 Edition). We will utilize ASUS AI Suite 3 to control fan speeds, setting the fans at a fixed RPM for each test. We will also compare it to the other coolers we have tested thus far.

XPG Levante 360 system setup for testing


Installation of the XPG LEVANTE 360 was straight forward event much like other Asetek-based coolers and had us up and running fairly quickly.  

The main nuance to consider with installation is going to be your wiring planning. The RGB and PWM cables for each fan are set to you can quickly daisy chain them together, however, these are using rather a short fan leads that you may not immediately be able to hide. Plenty of extensions were included to get the wires where you need them even if you don’t choose to chain them together it’ll still work, but you’ll have a connector to hide.

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