Apple to Announce New iPadOS Update That Makes iPads Function More like Laptops

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Image: Apple

Apple will be holding its next annual Worldwide Developers Conference next week, and one of the major announcements the company will reportedly be making is a new version of iPadOS that aims to transform the way its tablets are used. According to sources with Bloomberg, iPadOS 16 will introduce a redesigned multitasking interface that allows users to more easily open and switch between tasks. Users will also be able to resize app windows and leverage features that make it easier to handle multiple apps at once. Apple’s goal is to make the iPad function more like laptops and less like iPhones. Current iPad models include the iPad Pro and iPad Air, both of which feature Apple’s new highly priased M1 chip.

Image: Apple

The iPad accounts for nearly 9% of annual Apple’s sales, and that percentage has inched up in recent years. But professional users of the device have clamored for an interface that feels more like a laptop experience. The iPad’s hardware, which now includes the same M1 chip as some of Apple’s laptops, has grown increasingly powerful, and in some ways the software hasn’t kept up.

Source: Bloomberg

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