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Sega has unveiled its latest mini-console, the Mega Drive Mini 2. Announced during a Japanese Sega live stream today, the sequel to the original based on Sega Genesis’ native, 1988 counterpart will come packed with 50 Mega Drive and Mega CD titles, including classics such as Sonic CD, Silpheed, Virtua Racing, and Fantasy Zone, the latter of which was never released on the Mega Drive. Sega has also teased that the mini-console will feature a “mysterious new work.” The Mega Drive Mini 2 is scheduled for release on October 27 in Japan and cost ¥9,980, which translates to around $75.

Confirmed Mega Drive Mini 2 games thus far:

  • Silpheed (Mega CD)
  • Shining Force CD (Mega CD)
  • Sonic CD (Mega CD)
  • Mansion of Hidden Souls (Mega CD)
  • Popful Mail (Mega CD)
  • Virtua Racing (Mega Drive)
  • Bonanza Bros (Mega Drive)
  • Shining in the Darkness (Mega Drive)
  • Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive)
  • Magical Taruruto (Mega Drive)
  • Fantasy Zone (new Mega Drive port)

The first Mega Drive Mini was released in 2019 and included 42 games, with the libraries differing per region. It included new ports of Darius and Tetris, which had never been released before.

Sega teased the announcement last week with a photo of a chocolate cake shaped like a Mega Drive / Genesis controller.

Yosuke Okunari, who co-hosted the Mega Drive Mini 2 announcement, suggested in October 2020 that Sega’s next mini console could have been based on the Sega Dreamcast.

Source: Sega (via VGC)

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  1. I certainly was not expecting another f*cking Genesis Mini. This one is kinda useless, cuz it's pretty easy to mod the first system. I already did that with mine and my friends' units, and threw all these games and more on there.
    EDIT: I noticed Sonic 3+K is still missing. Good thing I covered that myself. Actually I ended up putting Sonic 3C on there, which is a much better community mod with a f*ckton of options for the ultimate Sonic 3+K experience.
  2. I wish they'd copy the Evercade 'Retrocade' (iirc) console. That one has a console which you buy standalone game packs for, and the game packs usually have a few games on them (usually by publisher).

    Take that style of console, but have Sega hardware cartridges to buy (ie: a 'Genesis' cartridge which contains Genesis classics, 'Sonic Bundle' sonic games, etc).

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