Intel LGA 1851 Socket for 14th Gen and 15th Gen Core Processors Leaked

Image: Intel

Benchlife has leaked the new socket for Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen Core “Meteor Lake” and 15th Gen Core “Arrow Lake” processors, offering an early peek at how its dimensions should compare with the current LGA 1700 socket for Alder Lake (and this year’s Raptor Lake) CPUs. The diagrams indicate that the new LGA 1851 socket will feature the exact same dimensions as its predecessor, with a measurement of 45 mm x 37.5 mm. The only substantial change aside from the increased pin count is the height of the IHS (integrated heat spreader), which is 6.83–7.49 mm versus 6.73–7.4 mm. Benchlife’s leak debunks rumors shared last week that claimed Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake desktop CPUs would use the LGA 2551 socket. The publication believes that’s actually a BGA packaged product.

Image: Intel

When the LGA 1851 and the LGA 1700 maintain the same size, it means that the user does not need to replace the radiator to perform platform conversion, and the radiator factory does not need to re-develop a new fastener due to the change of the foot position. Having said that, the height of IHS to MB is slightly different between LGA 1851 and LGA 1700. At the same time, it can be seen that the Meteor Lake-S processor includes CPU Die and SOC Die, and the position of the heat source has changed a little, maybe the heat sink Manufacturers may need to do some revisions to respond.

Source: Benchlife (via VideoCardz)

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