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God of War Ragnarök won’t be making its originally intended release date, according to a report shared by GameReactor today, which claims that several of its European sources have confirmed that Sony is planning to delay Santa Monica Studio’s new action-adventure game to 2023. Lending credibility to the report is a tweet from PlayStation Game Size advising that the release date of God of War Ragnarök has been changed from September 30 to December 31, a placeholder date that indicates the game will almost assuredly be moved to next year. God of War Ragnarök’s listing on the official PlayStation site still shows a 2022 release date for the game that was first unveiled during last year’s PlayStation Showcase event in September with a reveal trailer offering nearly three minutes of in-game footage with Kratos, Atreus, and other returning characters.

With the company’s recent State of Play presentation focused solely on third-party content and the first PS VR2 games, and with no PlayStation Showcase scheduled so far for the summer, both tomorrow’s Summer Game Fest livestream or a potential own digital event later in the summer seem like the best occasion to make the news official. Recent insisting rumours dating The Last of Us Remake in September might also reserve a place for Joel and Ellie within upcoming showcases, but Ragnarök’s delay would space them out in the calendar.

Source: GameReactor

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  1. I got no issues with that. Who the f*ck knows when I'll get to play it. I don't have a PS5, not gonna get the game on PS4, and the PC version is not out yet. I'm waiting for the PC version.

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