Elden Ring Official Strategy Guide Announced, Comes in Two Volumes

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FuturePress has announced that its official strategy guide for Elden Ring is now available to pre-order for fans of FromSoftware’s fantasy RPG who remain fond of physical texts. The guide is being released in two volumes, Volume I: The Lands Between, “a complete record of the overworld, dungeons, and underworld in Elden Ring,” and Volume II: Shards of the Shattering, a complement that serves as a catalog for Elden Ring’s long list of monsters and creatures. Volume I: The Lands Between is aiming for a summer release, while Volume II: Shards of the Shattering will be available later in the fall this year. Elden Ring has been a tremendous success for FromSoftware and Bandai Namco, the latter of which confirmed that the game had reached 12 million units sold worldwide in March, less than a month after its release on February 25, 2022, for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

Volume I: The Lands Between is a complete record of the overworld, dungeons and underworld in Elden Ring—no matter where you go, every inch is carefully mapped, its secrets laid bare. We present high level views of progression to reach the game’s endings, alongside streamlined paths that highlight the places and details you’re most likely to miss while exploring. NPC quests are clearly charted and each one is accompanied by key dialog. Finally, a dedicated lore section helps to piece together the game’s enigmatic storyline.

No matter what manner of creature you encounter, it will be catalogued, dissected and analysed in Volume II: Shards of the Shattering. Thoroughly tested combat strategies help to overcome even the toughest of foes, from the lowliest of wretches to the Shardbearers themselves. Next, the arsenal of spells and equipment you can bring to bear against these foes is laid out and all stats and effects are explained in full. All this data is put to use to recommend truly optimal builds along with progression routes to obtain the ideal equipment.

Source: FuturePress

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