Zaunkoenig M2K: World’s Lightest Gaming Mouse Weighs Only 23 Grams with Hollow Carbon Fiber Design

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Image: Optimum Tech

Zaunkoenig began shipping its one-of-a-kind M2K gaming mouse around a year ago, but positive reviews for what the company has billed as the world’s lightest gaming mouse continue to roll in. The latest comes by way of YouTuber Optimum Tech, who shared a review earlier this week praising the M2K as one of the best high-performance gaming mice that enthusiasts can pick up today thanks to its unique design, which comprises a hollow carbon fiber shell that enables its extremely light weight and a length of just 79 mm, necessitating a fingertip-style grip. Other notable features of Zaunkoenig’s M2K include Japanese Omron D2F01F switches and a PixArt 3360 sensor (8,000 Hz polling rate). The mouse costs 299 Euros (~$314) and can be ordered today with a three-week shipping estimate.

The end result is a mouse that is technically the most competitive mouse in the world. In addition, the feather-light weight of the mouse, paired with high-end sensors and buttons, should reduce hand fatigue, improve accuracy, and improve mouse acceleration and deceleration, with less weight to move around.

According to Optimum Tech, all these facts appear to be legitimate. He found his aiming in competitive FPS shooters like Apex Legends and aim trainers to be better than ever before with the M2K. He went so far as to say it is the best mouse he has ever used (and his gameplay demonstrates that statement very well in his video).

Source: Zaunkoenig (via Tom’s Hardware)

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