Tesla Reported More Driver-Assisted Crashes than Any Other Automaker in Past 10 Months

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Image: Tesla

Tesla reported more driver-assisted related crashes than any other automaker in the past 10 months, according to a new NHTSA report. California led the nation with the highest number of reported crashes at 125, while Texas, Florida, and New York reported 30 or more. Tesla reported 273 crashes, followed by Honda with 90. There were at least six fatalities related to Level 2 ADAS-equipped vehicles. The NHTSA provided some disclaimers, including that some crashes may have been reported multiple times, and that some data may be incomplete or unverified.

Observations from reported crashes of Level 2 ADAS-equipped vehicles are presented in this section using data reported through May 15, 2022. It is important to note that these crashes are categorized based on what driving automation system was reported as being equipped on the vehicle, not on what system was reported to be engaged at the time of the incident. In some cases, reporting entities may mistakenly classify the onboard automation system as ADS when it is actually Level 2 ADAS (and vice versa). NHTSA is currently working with reporting entities to correct this information and to improve data quality in future reporting.

As of May 15, 2022, 12 reporting entities have submitted incident reports for 392 Level 2
ADAS-equipped vehicle crashes. Crashes in this report are identified as Level 2 ADAS when the reporting entity responded No to the ADS Equipped? field. When multiple versions of a report exist from a specific entity, the values from the latest report are used. Reports where the latest ADS Equipped? field is blank or contains Unknown, see Narrative or Yes have not been included in this data analysis. There may be cases where more than one report is submitted for a crash, resulting in duplicate counts if sufficient information is not available to match the reports to the same crash. All reports and associated data definitions, including reports not covered by this
analysis, are available at NHTSA.gov/SGOcrashReporting.

Source: NHTSA (via Gizmodo)

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