EA CEO’s Pay Declines to Under $20 Million

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There may be slightly less yachts and exotic cars in Andrew Wilson’s future. A new company filing highlighted by Axios has revealed that the EA CEO was “only” paid $19.9 million in the 12 months ending March 31, 2022, a significant decrease from his previous annual earnings of $39.2 million. Wilson’s decrease in pay follows complaints from stockholders who had argued that EA executives were receiving bonuses that were too large and frequent, something that prompted the company behind the Battlefield and Madden franchises to dial back on some of its earlier proposals for higher raises and other benefits. The EA CEO was given a $30 million stock grant in 2021, but that was reduced to $18 million for the past year.

The numbers are certainly lower but still within the stratosphere of executives of multibillion-dollar corporations.

As is typical at megacorps, top EA execs, including Wilson, receive income through a mix of salary, cash bonuses and stock grants, some of which take years to vest and are tied to company performance metrics.

In deciding performance-based payouts, the board determined that EA had achieved its targets of releasing planned games within the fiscal year, kept its gaming services online over 99% of the time and increased workplace diversity, among other criteria.

Source: Axios

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