Ms. Marvel Suffers from Poor Viewership Numbers, Lowest of Any MCU Disney+ Series

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Samba TV has revealed the viewership numbers for Ms. Marvel, and they are pretty disappointing compared to the rest of the shows that Marvel Studios has developed for Disney’s streaming service. The new series that centers on Kamala Khan only drew 775,000 viewers on Disney+ in its first five days following its June 8 premiere, according to the analytics site, a paltry number compared to the likes of shows such as Loki and Moon Knight, which captured 2.5 million and 1.8 million viewers in their first five days, respectively. Even Hawkeye, a show that many have claimed “sucks,” managed to draw in 1.5 million viewers. Ms. Marvel is a 16-year-old Avengers fan who gains the ability to shoot energy blasts, walk on air, and other superpowers after inheriting a wristband, one that has been speculated to be a Kree artifact.

  • WandaVision: 1.6 Million
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 1.8 Million
  • Loki: 2.5 Million
  • What If..?: 281k (first-day audiences)
  • Hawkeye: 1.5 Million
  • Moon Knight: 1.8 Million

One of the biggest factors going against Ms. Marvel that none of Marvel’s other outings had to deal with is competition. Currently, the Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi has its new installments premiering on the same day and time. So, not only does it have competition, but it’s going against Ewan McGregor’s fan-favorite character, whose show debuted with 2.14 million viewers during that same window of time. The game was rigged from the start.

Despite these numbers, it’s important not to correlate the audience size and quality; they’re not mutually exclusive. Many have declared Ms. Marvel to be one of their favorite MCU series to date, despite the immature review-bombing taking place and low-scoring performance.

Source: Samba TV (via The Direct)

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