World’s First PlayStation 5 Slim Console Unveiled by DIY Perks

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Image: PlayStation

The world’s first PlayStation 5 Slim console has surfaced courtesy of DIY specialist Matthew Perks, who shared a video on his DIY Perks channel on YouTube today demonstrating how he developed a lighter and sleeker version of Sony’s best-selling, next-generation system. Perk’s reimagining of the PS5 looks worlds away from what the official version from PlayStation engineers will probably look like, essentially being just a flat, gold box, but the experiment did result in some interesting enhancements, including significantly lower SOC, RAM, and VRM temperatures. Rumors that originated from RedGamingTech last year have suggested that the PS5 Slim will leverage TSMC’s 5 nm node and potentially release by 2024. A more powerful version of the console called the PS5 Pro has also been speculated.

Historically, Sony have always followed their main PlayStation console launches with slimmer versions about three to four years after that initial release. As their latest console, the past five is literally their largest ever. A slim version is sorely needed, but as it’s so new, I think it’s unfortunate again to be a while yet until we see a more compact version.

However, I think it’s going to be possible to make the present version slimmer. How slim? That slim. Maybe that slim. How about two centimeters? And the context That’s a fraction more than the thickness of a DVD. As we discovered in my previous piece, five videos stripping away its casing to get to the internal components is relatively straightforward, leaving us with the piece five motherboard and power supply.

Source: DIY Perks

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