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AU Optronics has begun the development of a 540 Hz panel designed for competitive gaming, according to a report shared on Chinese technology site MyDrivers that discusses some of the display manufacturer’s upcoming projects. The exact specifications of this panel are unknown at this time, but MyDrivers expects that the display will probably leverage some form of overclocking, which would come as no surprise based on its ultra-fast refresh rate, which is substantially higher than even the fastest monitors available on today’s market. It was just last month that AU Optronics shared a promotional video teasing some of its upcoming premium LCD displays, including 4K 240 Hz, 1440p 360 Hz, and 1080p 480 Hz panels. The foremost combination is already available to gamers in the form of Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G8, a 32-inch curved monitor that the company recently launched for $1,499.99.

For players, the visual effect brought by high-speed refresh may be better, but the high-speed refresh of hundreds of Hz has high performance requirements on the platform. Some people have tested 500Hz high-speed display before, using Core i9-12900K , 32GB DDR5 The game PC including memory and RTX 3090 graphics card has been verified. Even if the lowest picture quality is turned on, the frame rate at FHD resolution is only 343 frames.

In short, even with a 540Hz high-brush gaming monitor, it is very difficult to achieve this performance. RTX 3090 or RTX 3090 Ti -level graphics cards are difficult, and the next generation of RTX 4090 Ti may have a show.

Source: MyDrivers

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  1. The placebo effect is strong.

    The gaming world has long had comparison to the nonsense golden-eared audiophile buyers and their car-priced audio-jewelry, but I think this finally cements that comparison.
  2. It reminds me of the LCD contrast race back before it just went to bajillions. The panels all looked the same on the showroom floor, but they just had to have a bigger number on the box than the next guy.
  3. We were stuck on 60Hz forever, and now they're all headed towards 600Hz. Is there a race to 1,000Hz among the display manufacturers? Well I'll tell you what. When I'm playing a source port of Doom and my framerate is 1,000+ fps and I'm not running VSYNC, I'll appreciate that huge VRR window. So uuuhhh that's totally a legit reason to have such a monitor. Just like 540Hz VRR will come in handy when you're playing UT3 at 300-400+ fps with no VSYNC.

    Also guys the big Hz is for the eSports. You know, the most important part of the video game industry? eSports people gotta do eSports things. None of y'allz are professionals so you don't even know. When you're fraggin' hard cuz you got frag harder disco lights, and you need to frag even harder, you gotta pump up them screen hertz. Without the big hertz, you get the big hurtz. To be a champion you need a 20" screen, TN panel, 1080p res, jack the in-game brightness or gamma all the way up, and only use headphones. Don't forget to keep your wrist still and move your entire arm to use your mouse. The bigger the mouse pad the better. Remember, the mousing surface needs to be bigger than your monitor, or you're gaming wrong. And you absolutely gotta have tenkeyless for weight savings. Your reflexes speed up when you go tenkeyless. But yeah, when you got so many frames coming at you each second that even Sonic the Hedgehog can't see the individual frames, you are gonna need that high refresh rate.

    High refresh rate monitors are the reason we build computers. They are what stopped the PC industry from collapsing. You guys who run this website, you don't even need to test any other kind of hardware anymore. Just test high refresh rate monitors.

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