EVGA Launches SuperNOVA G7 Power Supplies with System Load Indicator

Image: EVGA

EVGA has launched the SuperNOVA G7, a new micro-sized, fully modular 80 PLUS Gold-certified ATX power supply. One of the PSU’s more unique features comes in the form of a system load indicator, allowing users with windowed panels to get a quick idea of how much power their processors, graphics cards, and other more demanding hardware might be drawing in real-time. LED bars display the real-time load of the power supply in five levels, with each increment amounting to a 20% load. Other highlights of the PSU include an ultra-quiet 120 mm fluid dynamic bearing fan with EVGA ECO Mode, enabling quieter operation at lower loads, and a 10-year warranty. EVGA’s SuperNOVA G7 is available for purchase now in 1,000/850/750/650-watt options.

Image: EVGA
Image: EVGA

Introducing the EVGA SuperNova G7 – the most efficient, micro-sized 80 PLUS Gold-certified ATX power supply available. Backed with EVGA’s 10-Year Limited Warranty and a full suite of protections, the EVGA SuperNova G7 is ready for play.

System load indicator LED bars display the real-time load of the power supply in 5 levels, measuring 20% load for each increment.

At only 130mm length, the SuperNova G7 finds enough space to pack a half-bridge LLC Resonant Controller with a DC-DC design, along with 100% Japanese Capacitors and better layout placement to reach near-Platinum efficiency and provide tight voltage regulation and extremely low ripple and noise.

Despite their size, the SuperNova G7s remain whisper quiet with a 120mm FDB fan. EVGA ECO mode provides an ultra-quiet experience under 50% load, which can be monitored via the System Load Indicator Bars.

Source: EVGA

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