EA’s New Battlefield Seattle Studio Hiring for Single-Player Campaign

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The next Battlefield game is almost certain to see the return of a single-player campaign, according to a new job listing posted by EA that is seeking a design director for its Battlefield Seattle Studio. “Your job is to embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single player campaign,” a portion of the ad reads, hinting that DICE and EA have learned their lesson with Battlefield 2042 and is committed to addressing one of the chief complaints that critics have had regarding the multiplayer-only title. EA’s Battlefield Seattle Studio is a new studio that is dedicated to developing new installments of DICE’s premier first-person shooter franchise. The latest attempt to salvage Battlefield 2042 comes in the form of Zero Hour, a new season that introduces a new map, new Specialist, stealth helicopters, and more.


  • Define and lead the design efforts necessary for creating a best-in-class single player campaign experience.
  • Vet the product design from an execution, business, and achievability standpoint and adjust, while holding to the core vision.
  • Define, guide, strategize and iterate playable prototypes at all phases of the game’s development to maintain scope and quality.
  • Communicate the game’s design vision across all of the team’s members and partners, both internal and external.
  • Plan for and guide a strategy for launch and post release support as an integrated part of core development.
  • Work with art, design, and engineering directors to ensure the game meets the Creative Director’s vision.
  • Start with a player-first mentality, motivated by a passionate aim to understand and serve the players who are engaged with the game.
  • Distribute work to the design team, evaluate quality of the deliverables and provide constructive feedback for improvement.

Role Overview: Reporting to the studio GM, you will manage the design team and design vision of a new Battlefield campaign. Your job is to orchestrate the mission design, narrative, game mechanics, and systems to create the highest quality experience possible. You foster relationships with creative, engineering, and production to create an inclusive design team.

Your job is to embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single player campaign. You will build the studio’s design team and culture and build an amazing campaign from concept through release. You are also responsible for leading iteration of the product design based on feedback from peers, company partners, and team members while holding to the core vision.

Source: EA

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