James Cameron Might Not Direct Avatar 4 and 5

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Image: 20th Century Studios

James Cameron may not direct Avatar 4 and 5. He says the franchise has been an all-consuming, and since he has other projects he wants to develop, he is considering letting another director take over. Avatar: The Way of Water teaser trailer released in May, earning a record-setting 1.46 million views during its first weekend, now with nearly 23 million views. Cameron hasn’t shared what projects are next, but he has handed off his ideas to other directors before (e.g., Robert Rodriguez with Alita: Battle Angel).

“The Avatar films themselves are kind of all-consuming,” Cameron admits. “I’ve got some other things I’m developing as well that are exciting. I think eventually over time – I don’t know if that’s after three or after four – I’ll want to pass the baton to a director that I trust to take over, so I can go do some other stuff that I’m also interested in. Or maybe not. I don’t know.”

Source: Empire

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