Sharkoon Announces PureWriter RGB White Gaming Keyboards

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Sharkoon has announced the PureWriter RGB White gaming keyboards. Available in full-sized or TKL designs, they feature RGB lighting that can be configured without software and come with two detachable (50 and 150 cm) USB Micro-B cables. The keycaps measure 6.2 mm high, and there are two Kailh switch options, the feedbackless Choc Red and Choc Blue with tactile and acoustic feedback. The Purewriter RGB White has a top surface made of aluminum alloy, a height of 23 mm with the feet folded in, and is engineered for a low-fatigue, ergonomic experience.

Gaming Keyboard in Two Versions with Low-Profile Keys

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-quality, high-performance PC components and peripherals. With the PureWriter RGB White, Sharkoon now presents a new, radiant white edition of the popular PureWriter keyboard, appearing in two versions: as a model with a three-block layout and as a TKL model. The three-block version comes with four additional multimedia keys above the number pad for easy volume control and for opening the mailbox. Users can also choose between two Kailh switch types: the feedbackless Kailh Choc Red and the Kailh Choc Blue, which has tactile and acoustic feedback.

One Design in Two Versions

The PureWriter RGB White is available either with a three-block layout or with a TKL layout. The three-block version also has four multimedia keys to open the email program and to adjust or mute the volume.

Two Types of Low-Profile Kailh Switches

The height of the key caps is 6.2 millimeters, and due to the reduced tension in the wrists, a more ergonomic way of working should be possible, whether at home or in the office. The user can also choose between two types of Kailh switches: the red switches, which are particularly suitable for gamers thanks to their linear switch properties and a short 1.5-millimeter distance to the actuation point; and the blue switches, which are particularly suitable for prolific writers thanks to their tactile switch properties and the clearly audible feedback. Both types of switch offer an operating life cycle of at least 50 million keystrokes.

Steplessly Adjustable RGB Illumination

The lighting of the PureWriter RGB can be configured without software. Using key combinations, the keyboard can be illuminated with various effects. Key combinations can also be used to modify individual effects as desired.

For Practical Use

There are two detachable USB Micro-B cables in different lengths for the PureWriter RGB White: one 50 centimeters long and one 150 centimeters long. This should always ensure practical cable management at the desk.

Source: Sharkoon

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