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AMD confirmed three new chipsets in the form of the X670E (“Extreme”), X670, and B650 during its Computex keynote in May, but enthusiasts can probably expect at least one more to show up after the AM5 platform officially debuts alongside Ryzen 7000 Series processors later this year.

A document that lists some of ASRock’s upcoming AM5 motherboards has confirmed that those chipsets will be joined by a fourth, the B650E. Based on the differences between the X670 and X670E chipsets, B650E is expected to be a similarly “extreme” version of the standard B650 chipset that includes support for PCIe Gen 5 storage and graphics.

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VideoCardz, which leaked the document, has warned that B650E will likely be costly due to those added features.

Officially, there is only EXTREME version of the X670 chipset which basically adds PCIe Gen5 support for graphics. The all-around Gen5 B650E chipset will cost a premium due to the additional cost of Gen5 redrivers. Furthermore, the B650E series will also have much better PCB for better signalling to comply with strict Gen5 protocol specs.

Those features will increase pricing of the Extreme series, but in return one gets a PCIe Gen5 and DDR5 compatible motherboard that should (given AMD commitment to long-term support) serve for another few years.

Previous reports have hinted that AMD’s X670 and B650 motherboards will support both CPU and memory overclocking. An official slide shared by AMD can confirm that the X670 Extreme will offer “extreme overclocking,” although specifics are to come.

Image: AMD

Some of the first flagship AM5 motherboards that will join ASRock’s X670E Taichi are ASUS’ ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme, BIOSTAR’s X670E Valkyrie, GIGABYTE’s X670E AORUS EXTREME, and MSI’s MEG X670E ACE.

Source: VideoCardz

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