Western Digital Begins Shipping 22 TB WD Gold, WD Red Pro, and WD Purple Pro HDDs

Image: Western Digital

Western Digital has begun offering new HDDs with a massive amount of storage.

Now shipping, Western Digital’s latest WD Gold, WD Red Pro, and WD Purple Pro HDDs deliver 22 TB of storage. These are CMR drives that leverage some of the storage giant’s latest technologies, including OptiNAND, energy-assisted PMR (ePMR), triple-stage actuator (TSA), and HelioSeal, the latter of which delivers “the industry’s highest areal density at 2.2TB per platter.”

The WD Gold and WD Red Pro families previously topped out at 20 TB, while the WD Purple Pro family only went up to 18 TB, according to WD’s current store listings.

“We are thrilled to reach this milestone as HDDs are complex and sophisticated systems,” said Ravi Pendekanti, senior vice president of product management and marketing, HDD Business Unit at Western Digital.

“From the cloud to the edge, Western Digital’s hard drives play a vital role in storing, protecting, capturing and analyzing data that’s shaping nearly every aspect of our digital lives. Our technology leadership and expanded portfolio of industry-leading HDDs provide us with a tremendous opportunity to deliver value to our customers today and well into the future.”

The specifics on the Red Pro model, which is typically one of the most popular options for data hoarders, per WD:

Work from home has accelerated and many small office/home office (SOHO) workers and SMBs are struggling to keep up with rapidly growing amounts of data. The new 22TB WD Red Pro CMR HDD with OptiNAND technology is ideal for those who have high-capacity storage needs, or for those who have reached the maximum capacity on their existing network-attached storage (NAS) system. Engineered specifically for NAS systems with up to 24 bays, WD Red Pro HDDs are optimized for multi-user environments and are designed to handle high-intensity workloads in 24×7 environments. WD Red Pro HDDs are ideal for storing, protecting, archiving, and sharing massive amounts of data with many users and can handle multiple data-hungry applications such as file sync and sharing, backup/archive, multimedia repository, and private cloud storage. The WD Red Pro family comes in capacities ranging from 2TB to 22TB.

Western Digital’s new 22 TB WD Gold, WD Red Pro, and WD Purple Pro HDDs have already been listed on the company’s web store. All of these HDDs carry a cost of $599.99 and feature 512 MB of cache.

Western Digital began teasing its first 22 TB CMR and 26 TB UltraSMR HDDs in May.

Source: Western Digital

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