EK Launches Its First Mouse Pads

Image: EK

EK has launched its first collection of mouse pads.

Part of the premium liquid-cooling gear manufacturer’s new “EK Loot” product line, the new collection comprises four black options, including an XL-sized mouse pad that measures 1,220 x 600 mm.

There’s also a gray option, but it seems to only be available in large.

  • EK-Loot Mousepad – Black L (900 x 400 mm) ($39.99)
  • EK-Loot Mousepad – Gray L (900 x 400 mm) ($39.99)
  • EK-Loot Mousepad – Black XL (1,200 x 600 mm) ($58.99)
  • EK-Loot Mousepad – Black M (600 x 300 mm) ($23.99)
  • EK-Loot Mousepad – Black S (240 x 200 mm) ($9.99)

Here’s what EK has to say about its XL mouse pad, which may be of interest to enthusiasts with larger desks.

If you like things extra large, EK’s got you covered! Quite literally. This extra large mousepad measures 1220 x 600mm and requires a sizeable desk to be placed on. This mat is 3mm thick with a non-slip rubber base that keeps it in place even during the most intense gaming sessions. The low-friction fabric surface also has exceptional tracking performance for optical and laser mice. It’s minimalistic, all-black, and only shows off a small EK logo in the bottom right corner. The edge of the mousemat is decorated with dense anti-fray stitching that increases durability and prevents everyday wear and tear. And if you build PCs frequently, EK strongly recommends getting one of these as a backup solution to protect your hardware and desk.

Image: EK

EK’s new mouse pads are available for purchase immediately through its web store.

EK has also launched a new set of gold-plated products, including the gold-plated EK-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMe heatsink, which the company announced yesterday, and the EK-Quantum Velocity² and EK-Quantum Convection Pump Covers.

Source: EK

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