William Shatner Disses Star Wars, New Star Trek Shows at SDCC 2022

Image: History Channel

William Shatner wasn’t afraid to speak his mind at this week’s San Diego Comic Con.

Appearing at a panel hosted by Kevin Smith, the 91-year-old actor gave his thoughts about a range of topics in front of a large audience. They included Star Wars, which Shatner apparently doesn’t care much for.

“Fuck Star Wars,” Shatner said after being asked by a fan as to what he thought about one of the chief rivals to Star Trek, which he helped popularize as Captain James T. Kirk in the original TV series and numerous movies. But “not Mark Hamill,” he added, showing his respect for the actor behind popular Jedi Luke Skywalker.

Shatner also revealed that he is largely unimpressed with the current state of Star Trek. Asked by another fan as to which new Star Trek series he thought rivaled his own, Shatner replied, “none of them.”

“I got to know [creator] Gene Roddenberry in three years fairly well,” Shatner explained. “He’d be turning in his grave at some of this stuff.”

Other highlights of Shatner’s appearance include the actor poking fun at his old age, going so far as to joke that he could die during the panel.

“None of us really want that, sir, but that would be fucking incredible at Comic-Con,” Smith responded. “People would be like, ‘he died like the legend he was.’”

Shatner also discussed his trip to space last year with Blue Origin, explaining how he had been focused on absorbing the amazing views of space: “I went, and I vowed that every moment that I spent in space, would not be playing around in weightlessness, but looking out the window and trying to get an impression.”

The panel ended with Shatner and Smith engaging in a “curse off,” one in which Shatner called Smith a “double dumbass”—a line that might be familiar to fans of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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