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Corsair has introduced more RGB options to its growing lineup of DDR5 memory.

Announced today by the “world leader in enthusiast components,” Corsair’s new VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 memory kits are available in black or white color options and “deliver sensational DDR5 performance with stunning RGB style.” The initial options offer speeds of up to 6,400 MT/s and capacities of up to 32 GB (2x 16 GB), but even faster, bigger kits with frequencies of up to 6,600 MT/s and 2x 32 GB capacities will be available soon.

Users will find a solid aluminum heatspreader and panoramic light bar that wraps around the top of each VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 module, housing individually addressable ten-zone RGB lighting for “a seamless light array” that is “highly visible from a wide range of angles.”

Customization is enabled via Corsair’s iCUE software, which, as the company notes in a disclaimer, will be gaining support for custom Intel XMP 3.0 profiles later this year.

Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software enables customizable RGB lighting control for detailed, synchronized lighting with the rest of your iCUE-compatible setup – or unlocking even greater immersion with real-time RGB lighting integration when playing select games.

iCUE also saves custom Intel XMP 3.0 profiles to control your memory’s performance by app or task for maximizing efficiency, as well as controlling onboard voltage regulation to achieve more finely-tuned, stable overclocking than previous generations which relied on only motherboard BIOS control. With these software features at your command, you can take your system to unprecedented levels of performance on 12th Generation Intel Core processors and select Z690 motherboards.

Corsair has provided peace of mind by noting that its VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 modules are “built with only hand-sorted, tightly-screened memory chips to ensure consistently high frequencies, atop performance PCBs for excellent signal quality and stability.” They are also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Corsair’s VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 memory kits are available now from the company’s web store and its worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. Pricing appears to range from $224.99 to $269.99.

Source: Corsair

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  1. Zero issues thus far with Corsair memory. So sure this looks good.
    I used to go with Kingston for a no hassle compatibility fall back, but they seem harder to find at times so I switched to Corsair as my fall back and have zero issues as well. I agree with @DrezKill that we need less RGB options. Both of my PC's now have zero RGB as far as memory goes and they look fine.

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