Regiments Is a Real-Time Tactical Game from MicroProse Set in 1989 Germany

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Image: Bird’s Eye Games

Regiments is a single-player real-time tactical game from MicroProse coming to PC on August 16 that is set in 1989 Germany as the flames of a new war flare up. Developed by Bird’s Eye Games, Regiments lets players command their infantry using the Platoon Command System. Key factions will include the Soviet Union, USA, West Germany, and East Germany. Players will be able to select their forces on the fly and customize and expand them in order to add reinforcements while battling an aggressive AI foe.

A teaser trailer has been released promoting the newly announced release date.

An earlier announcement trailer showcases more gameplay, and combat visuals.



It’s 1989 and the flames of a New War are flaring up. Thousands of square miles of German landscape will become a stage for sweeping battles between the best NATO and Warsaw Pact has to offer.

Lead your Regiment through the inferno of a wide-scale Cold War conflict in this new Real-Time Tactics game. Break through the lines, call in artillery and air support, maneuver, feign retreats, and stage mobile defenses. Do not relent.

The Platoon Command system lets you orchestrate battles with unprecedented precision and ease. No need to micromanage every infantryman – you’re a Commanding Officer, not a sergeant.

Form your force on the fly. Selecting the main Regiment is just a start. You can expand your army during the game by calling in unique Task Forces, each bringing its own equipment and off-map support options.

Main features

• Single-player FOCUSED, featuring a fully dynamic campaign, skirmish mode, and an efficient yet aggressive and relentless AI.
• Refined controls that make commanding hundreds of soldiers a breeze
• On-the-fly force customization, rewarding adaptability, and creativity
• Deep game mechanics, simulating the Cold War era mechanized fight with great detail while still being accessible to novice RTS players
• Visceral visual effects, bringing the WWIII to your screen in all its terrifying glory
• Four key Cold War Factions: Soviet Union, USA, West Germany, and East Germany
• Over 60 authentic vehicles modeled, combined into a multitude of different formations. • Deploy such iconic vehicles as Leopard 2, T-72M or M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
• Three distinct game modes, each offering a unique experience

Source: MicroProse (via Games Press)

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