The Ascent Announces New Cyber Heist DLC

Image: Neon Giant

The Ascent players have a great reason to jump back into the world of Veles this month.

Publisher Curve Games and Swedish indie studio Neon Giant have announced Cyber Heist, a new DLC package for The Ascent that continues the main story of the popular cyberpunk action-shooter RPG. It will be available beginning on August 18, 2022, allowing players to take on “a new contract for a top-secret mission” in either solo or co-op modes, with “brand-new weapons, including advanced melee combat, in a new, never-explored-before location.”

Here’s Neon Giant’s synopsis for Cyber Heist, followed by an overview of the DLC’s new features:

In Cyber Heist, Kira, your former employer, has a new top-secret job, and as a newly independent contractor how could you refuse? Venture outside of your familiar arcology into a brand new arcology owned by the Malhorst-Gelb Group. There’s some new ground-breaking tech ripe for the taking, but you’re not the only one with their sights on the prize.

  • CONTINUE THE STORY – SOLO OR IN CO-OP: The Ascent: Cyber Heist can be accessed once you’ve completed the base game campaign. Bring your friends with you to take on this new challenging contract. Your squad hasn’t caught up with you yet? No problem, as long as you as the host has completed the main campaign, your squad can join up and help! (We know you’ll be carrying them anyway…)
  • NEW WEAPONS: Speaking of carrying, experiment with all-new weapons, including for the first time in The Ascent – Melee weapons! So now you can get up close and personal with the new Rock Crusher and Guillotine!
  • NEW OVERWORLD LOCATIONS: Discover and explore a brand new arcology owned by the Malhorst-Gelb group with breathtaking new locations and environments.
  • NEW MAIN & SIDE MISSIONS: Continue the story of The Ascent by completing new challenging main and side missions. Encounter colorful new characters like Ontario and Zell along the way, and fight against new enemies.

The Ascent fans can grab Cyber Heist for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99 when it releases later this month. A special Cyber Edition of The Ascent is also now available, which includes the previous DLC packages (Cyber Warrior and Cyber Sec), as well as the new Cyber Heist DLC.

Neon Giant and Curve Games launched The Ascent for PC and Xbox consoles last July, but the game ended up making its way to PlayStation platforms in March this year. It is the first title from Neon Giant, which counts “some of the minds behind iconic AAA titles, such as the Gears of War, Bulletstorm, and Wolfenstein franchises” among its 12-person staff.

Source: Curve Games

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