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Steam users who prefer controllers over mouse and keyboard now have more options than ever.

As detailed in the patch notes for a new client beta that released yesterday, Steam has added support for Nintendo’s Switch controller, the Joy-Con. These can be used either “individually as a mini-gamepad” or “combined into pairs,” according to Valve.

Steam’s new beta update also includes improved support for “Nintendo Online classic controllers,” which presumably includes the N64, SNES, and NES controllers that Nintendo sells exclusively through its online store.

The short patch notes, per Steam’s announcements page:

Steam Input

  • Added support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers, both individually as a mini-gamepad and combined into pairs
  • Improved support for the Nintendo Online classic controllers

Nintendo launched the Switch console and its complementary Joy-Con controllers on March 3, 2017. The controller is one of the more unique ones on today’s market, in that it comprises two pieces that can be joined or used separately.

Various colors of the Joy-Con have since been released beyond the standard Neon Blue/Neon Red options, including Blue/Neon Yellow, Neon Pink/Neon Green, and, for the minimal types, just gray, not to mention special editions that include Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ pastel green and blue controllers.

Joy-Con sets are typically available for purchase for $79.99, with individual left and right pieces going for $39.99 each. A cursory glance at major retailers would suggest that many third-party Joy-Con derivatives are also available.

Source: Steam

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  1. F*ck the joy-cons, but I do use the Switch Pro Controller and the Switch SNES controllers on PC, where they have native support even without Steam input. I also use Wii U Pro controllers on PC (and PS3), using a Mayflash adapter. Got some RaphNet adapters that let me use original NES and SNES controllers on PC, as well as NES Classic and SNES Classic controllers. Most of the time though I use Microsoft controllers (X360 then XB1 and now XBSX controllers) when I need to use a controller on PC. There's actually a sh1t-ton of different controllers that I have available to use on PC (see text file in my sig for the whole list). What I'd like to know is if the Switch N64 controllers work on PC.

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