LG Display to Unveil 20-Inch OLED Panel by the End of the Year

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Smaller OLED monitors from LG are seemingly on the way.

As reported by TheElec, LG Display is planning to unveil a 20-inch OLED panel by the end of year, one that will be used for “personal devices.” The news was shared by LG Display vice president Kang Won-seok, who spoke during a recent forum hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association and noted that the new panel size was being developed to meet the increased demand for “personal displays” that had been driven by the pandemic.

Won-seok also teased gamers as to what kind of features they can expect in some of LG Display’s future OLED products, per TheElec.

Kang also explained that for OLED panels aimed at gaming, it was seeking immersive reality in development whereas it wants to offer natural reality for its OLED panels aimed at conventional TV viewing.

For gaming OLED panels, which saw demand also increase during the pandemic, fast response time was the top priority while the company is also working to make sure the realistic resolution stays the same even when the surrounding environment is too bright.

LG Display is even working on a bendable OLED technology that will allow users to “control the curvature of the screen depending on the game they are playing,” according to Won-seok, who also took a jab at Samsung Display by noting that LG Display’s white OLED technology was the only technology “that can offer a bendable screen, as it uses only one substrate.” (Samsung’s quantum dot OLED panels use two glass substrates.)

LG Display shared a press release earlier this week detailing some of its latest innovative OLED technologies, including a 97-inch OLED.EX panel that can generate 5.1 sound by vibrating, although it didn’t seem to mention anything about a 20-inch OLED panel being in development.

LG currently sells at least three OLED monitors under its UltraFine brand, but they are very pricey, with the 27EP950 costing $2,999.99.

Source: TheElec

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