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Days Gone may never get a sequel, but the franchise will be back in at least one form.

Per an exclusive report from Deadline, PlayStation Productions is working on a “feature rendition” of Days Gone, Bend Studio’s post-apocalyptic zombie game. Outlander’s Sam Heughan is set to play Deacon St. John, the game’s outlaw-turned-drifter protagonist, while Sheldon Turner, the Oscar-nominated writer behind Up in the Air, is adapting.

The script “will be a love ballad to motorcycle movies — the bike being Deacon’s sole form of transportation, his horse in this would-be modern-day western,” according to what Deadline has heard.

Turner shared a Golden Globe screenplay win with Jason Reitman and an Adapted Screenplay Oscar nom for Up in the Air. He has a story by credit on X-Men: First Class and wrote Doug Liman’s upcoming Everest, which Klein is also producing. Turner just did a rewrite on Liman’s Road House redo starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor for Prime Video.

Days Gone has sold 8 million copies on console alone, according to Jeff Ross, who directed the game and came up with the figure based on information taken from a now-defunct Trophy-tracking website.

An additional 1 million copies of Days Gone were supposedly sold on Steam, but Sony Interactive Entertainment doesn’t seem to have any interest in making another game, having labeled the game as a sales disappointment.

Source: Deadline

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