VIPER GAMING to Showcase Its Newest High-Performance Gaming Products at PAX West 2022

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Patriot Memory’s Viper Gaming brand to showcase its latest products at this year’s PAX West event in Seattle, Washington from September 2-5. From gaming keyboards and mice to headsets, performance memory, SSDs, and more, Viper Gaming offers a wide range of accessories for gaming enthusiasts. Pax West marks another summer event for the company following its recent attendance at the esports DreamHack 2022 in Dallas where it showcased its new DDR5 Venom memory and other products.

“Our VIPER GAMING team is excited to meet gamers in person during PAX WEST 2022. The inspiration from real-world experience with actual gamers is significant in developing new and exciting VIPER GAMING products. Our in-booth activities are a way to show our gratitude to gamers who have supported VIPER GAMING over the years,” said Roger Shinmoto, Vice President at VIPER GAMING.

Viper Gaming booth and raffle info

On-site visitors will find Viper Gaming at booth 119. Pax West events include free giveaways and walkup gaming tournaments with daily prizes. A raffle to win peripherals and RGB SSD prizes will also be held. Attendees can gain extra raffle tickets by following Viper Gaming on social media or purchasing items at its booth.

  • Follow two (2) VIPER social media platforms and get 1 Free Ticket
  • Follow four (4) VIPER social media platforms and get 2 Free Tickets
  • Follow all five (5) VIPER social media platforms and get 3 Free Tickets

Winners will be announced onsite at 5:00 PM PST and notified by phone call and text  message. VIPER GAMING will also host an online giveaway; details about giveaways and  instructions on how to enter can be found on the contest page at

There will also be PAX West-only sales and this year two custom modded PCs by MetaPC and CLX Gaming featuring Viper Gaming products will be demoed. Those who cannot attend can participate in an online giveaway from August 22 – September 5 for a chance to win products.

Gamers are also welcomed to inspect two custom-modded VIPER GAMING PCs, designed and built by MetaPC and CLX Gaming. The PCs feature VIPER GAMING Venom DDR5 memory, the high-performance Gen 4×4 M.2 SSD, the VIPER VP4300,  and VIPER GAMING peripherals. VIPER GAMING products will also be available at a  discounted price at the booth during PAX WEST 2022.

Source: Viper Gaming

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