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Intel has published a new article about real-time ray tracing on Arc Graphics, and it includes benchmarks that demonstrate how the Arc A770 supposedly fares against the competition with the demanding technology enabled under select resolutions.

According to the benchmarks, the Arc A770 can beat NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 in 1080p with ray tracing enabled in quite a number of today’s more popular titles, including Fortnite, which is seen running around 56% faster under Intel’s option. A roundup of the numbers shared by VideoCardz suggest that the Arc A770 is 14% faster than the GeForce RTX 3060 on average at 1080p gaming with ray tracing active.

Image: Intel

Intel Arc A770 vs. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060: 1080p Gaming with Ray Tracing

GameRTX 3060 (FPS)ARC A770 (FPSA770/3060
Cyberpunk 20773035117%
Fortnite (April 2022)2336157%
Ghostwire Toyko (New Beta Driver)4547104%
F1 2022524790%
Watch Dogs Legion3947121%
Hitman 34354126%
Guardians of the Galaxy685784%
Metro Exodus4965133%
Battlefield V816783%
Dying Light 26077128%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider7881104%
Resident Evil Village8294115%
F1 202192108117%
The DioField Chronicle112112100%
Average (all games)114%

Intel also shared another set of benchmarks that show how Arc A770 might perform with ray tracing and XeSS enabled under the Balanced and Performance settings at 1440p resolution with a handful of games that include Hitman 3 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Image: Intel

Intel’s technology deep dive on Arc A-Series ray tracing can be viewed in its entirety below. It includes the confirmation that Gotham Knights will support ray tracing acceleration with Arc GPUs when it launches on October 21, although it’s unclear whether high-end Arc models will be on sale by that time.

Source: Intel

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  1. "In the specific title with specific settings using a laptop edition 3070 against intel's desktop edition A770. With the main computer running an 13900k and the Nvidia being driven by a 7700k with 8 gig of ram where the Intel box has 32 gig and a NVME the Nvidia system is running on a 5400 RPM platter drive with the swap oversized.
  2. What the results demonstrate is that ray tracing should be disabled on both cards.
    You just need to use an upscaler and it's more than playable

    That said we have no idea how XeSS looks and all their marketing videos have used purposely invalid comparisons
  3. I think upscalers are the worst thing for advanced graphics to happen in a long time. It's a stop gap measure being marketed as a advanced feature. the only reason it's considered advanced is it looks alright on LCD panels. Back in the day of CRT we would game at lower res full screen ALL THE **** TIME and nobody thought it was cutting edge.

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