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FLASHOUT 3D: Enhanced Edition, a remastered version of the classical anti-gravity racer, has been released for free on Steam to celebrate the upcoming launch of FLASHOUT 3. The new version of the game features “upgraded graphics and new features,” according to Jujubee, the developer behind the series. FLASHOUT 3 will be released on September 22, 2022, with support for VR, as well as motion simulation platforms (via Sim Racing Studio). A playable demo of the third installment is available through its Steam page.

About FLASHOUT 3D: Enhanced Edition:

The classical AG racer, FLASHOUT 3D, initially released more than 10 years ago, is back, to celebrate the upcoming launch of FLASHOUT 3! But we bring you not only the first installement of the series for FREE, but we have also remastered it and enhanced with upgraded graphics and new features! Check out the details in the description and don’t forget to wishlist FLASHOUT 3 now!

Features and highlights of the Enhanced Edition:

  • 100% FREE!
  • Upgraded graphics;
  • Ship physics improved;
  • Gamepad support;
  • Vibrations support added;
  • Improved controls;
  • Remastered intro;
  • Additional animations;
  • Improved visual effects;
  • New UI during races;
  • And more!

Source: Steam

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