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AMD has unveiled its new model numbering system for Ryzen mobile processors, offering an early glimpse at what users might see on the box for chips released in 2023 and beyond.

  • Portfolio Year: Gives you a sense of what model year the processor lives in. Are we actively selling it as a current-gen product in that year?
  • Segment: Helps us communicate “at-a-glance” performance to customers browsing in the store. For example, Ryzen 9 are always our fastest and most feature-rich processors. This helps customers cross-shop at a glance, and is the most common way customers compare CPUs.
  • Architecture: A nod to our enthusiast customers, we wanted to make sure you could see what version of “Zen” lives inside the chip. It’s important!
  • Feature Isolation: A concession to architectures like “Zen 3” versus “Zen 3+,” which cannot be fully articulated in the architecture digit alone. Flipping this digit between 0 or 5 ensures that two different architectures don’t end up in the same Ryzen 70xx family.
  • Form Factor/TDP: AMD’s innovation and growth in the mobile space is especially evident here, where you can see we’re servicing multiple design categories across Windows and Chromebook.
Image: AMD

Another slide shared by AMD confirms its stack of mobile products for 2023. Included are Phoenix and Dragon Range, new APUs designed for “elite ultrathin” and “extreme gaming and creator” devices, respectively.

Image: AMD

From the AMD Community:

As of early 2022, the volume of notebook shipments with AMD Ryzen Processors inside has grown 49% in just two years. Fifty percent growth of the mobile business is an incredible rate, and we’re thrilled to see more Ryzen-powered laptops landing in your hands. On our side, this increasing appetite for Ryzen has prompted reinvestment in all-new processor categories for 2023, such as “Mendocino” (learn more) for feature-rich notebooks around $500, or “Dragon Range” (learn more) for top-tier gaming. What to call these products is an important decision, and we know that model numbers are something you often talk about in your communities as well.

Today we’d like to share with you a small preview of our 2023 mobile processor family, and a look at the new naming system we’ve developed to support these different processors.

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  1. Seems a bit overly complicated, but I guess it is better than the current situation where they sell the same architecture on mobile with a higher model number than on desktop.

    The year is completely and utterly irrelevant and should be removed. It does not matter which year it was manufactured/sold. If its Zen 3 it's Zen 3.

    All that matters is arch, performance level and number of cores.

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