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Kojima Productions has launched a mysterious website teasing what is presumably one of Hideo Kojima’s next blockbuster video game projects. Little is shown on the page aside from a poster that features the text “Who Am I?” overlaid on the silhouette of an equally mysterious female, but some of the more eagle-eyed fans on social media have deduced that the photo is of actress Elle Fanning, whose film credits include The Neon Demon, Super 8, and the Maleficent movies.

Others have pointed out that Norman Reedus, who plays Sam Porter in Death Stranding, now follows Fanning on Instagram, adding potential credence to earlier claims that Kojima’s next project is Death Stranding 2. “We just started the second one,” Reedus told Leo in May, prompting Kojima to respond with a tweet that suggested there might be some truth there.

The amount of support thus far from Geoff Keighley has prompted some to speculate that Kojima will be revealing the game during this year’s The Game Awards show, which is slated for Thursday, December 9, 2022. (Kojima has reportedly confirmed that he won’t be revealing anything new during this week’s TGS show.)

Kojima Productions confirmed in June that it had partnered with Xbox Game Studios on a new game that “no one has ever experienced or seen before leveraging the power of the cloud.”

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