Valve Surpasses Steam Deck Shipping Estimates Just as Overseas Competitor ONEXPLAYER Announces Its AMD Ryzen 7 6800U Model

Image: Valve

Valve has announced that it has yet again beaten its own shipping estimates in getting the Steam Deck into the hands of players. It is now letting customers know that orders made as of September 19 could arrive between September and December. This is an impressive feat for the hot-ticket item as Valve surpasses efforts by other gaming hardware manufacturers at a time when some are still fighting global supply chain challenges to get products originally released before the Steam Deck out to customers.

Hello, just a quick note about shipping today.

As some folks on the internet have noticed (we see you Reddit!), we’re speeding through reservations at an accelerated pace. This is due to increased production, and we’ve beaten our own estimates yet again. With today’s batch of emails we’ve now sent invitations for all reservations in the Q3 (July-September) bucket.

Now that Q3 is done early, we’re going to get a head start on the next set of reservations, and are fulfilling reservations that were scheduled for the Q4 window. We’ve updated the store page to reflect this, with an updated bucket description: 


That’s it for today, more to come soon!

Meanwhile, the Steam Deck has blown open the portable handheld PC market and competitors have ramped up their own efforts in trying to beat Valve to the punch with the latest Ryzen 7 6800U processor. A couple of weeks back the AYANEO GEEK was revealed with a price for the base model coming in at about $100 more than the current Steam Deck, although it is not currently for sale outside of Asia. Now ONEXPLAYER, another overseas competitor, has announced its latest model to feature the new processor but these orders will be available for stateside customers as well.



A press release on VideoCardz states that ONEXPLAYER Mini Pro will go up for preorder tomorrow with a base price of $919. A $50 deposit is required for pre-orders and that ordering window will close on October 7. First orders will begin shipping on October 15 and will also include a protective bag and dock. After that, the base model price will increase to $1199. Storage capacity options for the handheld were not included but it does support PCIe M.2 2280 SSD drives. The 350 nits IPS display is rated at 100% sRGB and wireless connectivity includes both WiFi 6 and BT 5.0. The handheld also features USB 4.0 TB.

ONEXPLAYER Mini Pro Specifications:

• CPU: AMD Ryzen7 6800U

• Graphics: Radeon 680M graphics card

• RAM: LPDDR5 (Frequency 6400) 16GB/32GB

• Screen: 7-inch full lamination FHD IPS screen, 1920*1200 resolution

• Battery: 48Wh, supports 10h local video play, 2.5h full load gaming

• Size: 260mm*106mm*23mm

• Weight: 599g

• USB ports: 2x USB 4.0 thunderbolt + 1x USB 3.0

• Supports gyroscope, vibrator, RGB LED light and ONEXPLAYER docking

Source: Valve

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