Intel Arc A770 Desktop GPUs to launch on October 12, Starting at $329

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Image: Intel

Intel has announced that its Arc A770 desktop GPUs will be available beginning on October 12 starting at $329. The news was shared by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger during today’s Intel Innovation event, who claimed that the GPU offers 65% better peak ray tracing performance versus the competition. “Gamers have been losing,” Gelsinger said. “Today, we’re fixing that.”

Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition

Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition

From an Intel transcript:

9:17 a.m.: Next up: Ponte Vecchio, “our flagship high-performance GPU,” is now shipping to Argonne National Laboratory, along with 4th Gen Xeon processors, to form “the brain of the Aurora supercomputer.”

And the GPU story arc brings us to gaming and…Arc! Prices “in the sweet spot of desktop graphics” have nearly doubled in recent years, Pat says. “Gamers have been losing. Today, we’re fixing that.”

The A770 GPU, “our top-end gaming desktop GPU…delivers 65% better peak performance versus competition on ray tracing,” Pat explains. The A770 “will be available October 12…starting at $329.”

Intel’s Arc A770 Limited Edition Desktop Graphics Card features 32 Xe cores, a 2,100 MHz graphics clock, 16 GB of GDDR6 and a total board power rating of 225 watts. It will be joined by another limited edition model that’s powered by the A750 GPU, featuring 28 Xe cores and 8 GB of GDDR6.

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