Turtle Beach Announces ROCCAT Vulcan II Max, “World’s Most Beautiful Keyboard,” and Syn Max Air Headset with 3D Audio

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Turtle Beach has announced two new products under ROCCAT, its PC gaming peripherals brand.

The first is the Vulcan II Max, a $229.99 mechanical keyboard that Turtle Beach is calling the most beautiful in the world, featuring TITAN II optical switches and the world’s first dual LED smart keys.

The other is the Syn Max Air, a $249.99 wireless PC gaming headset that features 3D audio, “Nanoclear” speakers, and a “Superhuman Hearing” feature that boosts critical in-game sounds.

Both are available for pre-order today at www.roccat.com and participating retailers. They will launch on October 17 and October 11, respectively.

“ROCCAT’s new Max range shows our commitment to creating the very best PC gaming peripherals on the market with zero compromises,” said René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and General Manager of PC Peripherals at Turtle Beach.

“The Vulcan II Max is the evolution of our most popular keyboard ever and quite possibly the most beautiful keyboard ever made, and the Syn Max Air combines the best of both ROCCAT and Turtle Beach’s leading technologies to deliver premium game audio in our sleek design. Both products feature amazing RGB lighting you won’t find anywhere else.”

Vulcan II Max

  • TITAN II Optical Mechanical Switches
  • Translucent Detachable Palm Rest
  • Easy-Shift [+] unlocks a second function layer
  • Smart Keys with dedicated LED indicate when secondary functions are active
  • Dedicated Media Controls
  • Durable aluminum top plate
  • On-board storage for up to 4 user profiles
  • 3rd party keycap compatibility
  • HD AIMO RGB Lighting

The most beautiful keyboard ever made has arrived. The crown jewel of any PC gamer’s desktop, the Vulcan II Max PC gaming keyboard is sure to grab attention with its sleek lines, aluminum plate, and brilliantly lit translucent palm rest. The Vulcan II Max features ROCCAT’s exclusive TITAN II Optical-Mechanical Switches which have a smooth mechanical feel, hyper fast actuation, and incredible durability with a 100 million click life cycle – offering a competitive edge game after game. Beyond ridiculously fast actuation speed and performance, ROCCAT’s new TITAN II switches are compatible with many third party cross shaped mount keycaps to further customize their look.

ROCCAT’s Vulcan II Max is also the world’s second gaming keyboard to debut Dual-LED Smart Keys, only preceded by its Vulcan II Mini sibling. The Vulcan II Max features 24 multi-function smart keys with a dedicated second LED to indicate when secondary functions are active. Additionally, PC gamers can use ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift[+] button duplicator technology to unlock a secondary function, which can be programmed into near limitless options. With 4MB of onboard storage, PC gamers can take their RGB lighting show and settings on the road by saving up to four profiles of custom lighting, key reassignment and more, directly on the Vulcan II Max. Additional fan-favorite Vulcan elements also return, such as the anodized aluminum plate for durable structural integrity, and dedicated media controls. The all-new soft, translucent palm rest sets the stage for ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting technology. AIMO produces vibrant RGB lighting displays right out of the box, and syncs with other compatible AIMO-enabled products for an immersive lighting display.

For the ultimate RGB lighting setup, ROCCAT fans can combine the Vulcan II Max keyboard with ROCCAT’s top-rated Kone XP Air wireless mouse, and all-new Syn Max Air wireless head. All three are AIMO-compatible and will put on an alluring RGB lighting experience synchronized across all three peripherals.

Syn Max Air

  • Stellar Wireless Technology exceptional signal strength and long battery
  • Included Rapid Charge dock
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth for mixing in VoIP chat, phone calls and more
  • Comfortable ProSpecs earpads and perfect-fit headband
  • Cooling ear cups to minimize heat buildup
  • Immersive 3D audio with 50mm Nanoclear drivers from Turtle Beach
  • Superhuman Hearing boosts critical in-game sounds for an extra edge
  • Detachable flip-to-mute TruSpeak mic for crystal-clear communication
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Compatible with the PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch
  • Programable RBG lighting is compatible with the AIMO eco-system

ROCCAT’s Syn Max Air headset delivers a premium wireless 3D audio experience perfect for gamers and streamers who love high-quality game audio and unique RGB-infused style. The Syn Max Air’s premium sound is engineered by gaming headset maker Turtle Beach, and includes the best-selling brand’s exclusive, patented technologies and features.

Immersive Waves 3D audio is delivered through the Syn Max Air’s large and powerful 50mm Nanoclear speakers, and crystal-clear chat comes through the Syn Max Air’s unique TruSpeak noise-cancelling microphone – the only one in its class offering noise-cancellation, flip-to-mute functionality, or the option to be completely removed which is great for streamers. The Syn Max Air includes a variety of audio presets, as well as Turtle Beach’s exclusive and patented Superhuman Hearing sound setting which boosts critical in-game sounds for a competitive advantage. For added comfort, the Syn Max Air features Turtle Beach’s exclusive ProSpecs glasses-friendly and cooling gel-infused memory foam ear cushions.

Engineered to provide gamers with every possible convenience, the Syn Max Air adds an RGB rapid-charge docking station where just 15-minutes of charge provides three hours of play, plus premium aluminum yokes for added durability, Bluetooth 5.1 and dual-wireless functionality for connecting to more devices, and up to 16-hours of battery life.

ROCCAT’s signature sleek, RGB-inspired design stands out on the Syn Max Air. Up to 16.8 million colors of RGB lighting showcase on both the headset’s translucent Bionic Shell earcups and the docking station, and the lighting can be synchronized with other AIMO-enabled devices using ROCCAT’s robust Swarm software suite. ROCCAT’s Stellar Wireless technology manages the Syn Max Air’s signal strength and battery consumption for optimal performance, while dual-wireless connectivity means PC gamers can also chat on Discord, take calls, and listen to music via Bluetooth while gaming.

The Syn Max Air also includes intuitive on-ear audio controls for easy sound adjustment on the fly that can be customized using the included Swarm software. The Syn Max Air is a robust yet lightweight wireless PC gaming headset weighing in at 326g. The earcups also fold-flat when it’s time for a break.

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