Cooler Master Introduces Synk X, a Cross-Platform Haptic Chair for a New Level of Immersion

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Cooler Master has introduced the Synk X, a cross-platform haptic chair that integrates next-generation technologies to amplify immersion in music, movies, and video games. The chair works by converting sound waves into vibrations, enabling real-time tactile experiences, and includes a built-in control interface that allows users to easily select audio sources, vibration levels, and headphone volume. Its battery can be charged in about six hours and provides eight hours of continuous music play and four hours of continuous use of “intense bass effects.”

From a Cooler Master press release:

Setting a new trend in elevating user experience of immersive entertainment, Cooler Master introduces Synk X – a cross-platform immersive haptic chair for a new level of immersion.

Feel Your Imagination

Presenting an amplified immersion for lifelike entertainment experience, Cooler Master Synk X creates a new way of immersing in the imaginary world. By converting sound waves into vibrations and providing real-time tactile experiences, Synk X does not simply immerses, but engages users in the virtual surrounding and atmosphere like never before.

Immersive Entertainment: Any kind, anytime, anywhere

Synk X appeals to various groups of enthusiasts and gamers by supporting a variety of content types and hardware platforms such as TV, PC, game console, and mobile device to match differing hobbies or styles. Users get the privilege of choosing any Bluetooth device they like without any constraint due to device compatibility. Additionally, the built-in long-lasting powerful battery along with a highly stable rolling base can set users free from the hassles of keeping the chair plugged-in during operation, providing uninterrupted extended entertainment durations.

Customized Settings, Personalized Experience

Customization is also supported to match each and every user’s personal need: the ergonomic design featuring a 135º posture- bracing backrest, adjustable armrests ,and a two-stage retractable leg rest delivers multiple settings for seat height, seating position, and reclining angle based on user’s choice. An all-in-one control interface is integrated for selecting audio sources, vibration levels, and headphone volume, making the operation easy and intuitive without complicated settings or APP requirements.

Besides providing a new immersive experience, Synk X also delivers a smart tech appearance with a streamlined exterior design to add modern delicacy to people’s daily life. In short, Synk X perfectly blends lifelike entertainment into a modern tech lifestyle.

Designed for sensing the tension in a battle game, engaging in the adventurous journey from a film, or grooving with the musical beats, Synk X aims to bring users a new and ultimate entertainment experience.

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