Sony Is Reportedly Working on a Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster for PS5

Image: Guerrilla Games

Sources have told VGC that Sony is reportedly working on a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster for the PlayStation 5. Originally released for the PS4 in 2017 Guerilla Games’ epic post-apocalyptic open world title went on to be released on PC in 2020 with some added features such as DLSS/FSR and support for high refresh rate displays but was believed to have reused the original assets.

Image: Guerilla Games

The next installment, Horizon Forbidden West, was released in 2022 for both PS4/PS5. The PS5 physical edition became the 2nd highest game launch for Sony in the U.K. and the Horizon Zero Dawn remaster could see visuals such as lighting, animations, and character models updated to match those created for the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West. The suggestion that improved lighting is on the table could mean that the remaster may make use of the PS5’s ray tracing ability. It is also believed there will be added accessibility features, gameplay, and quality of life improvements added to the game. These could include more graphics mode options since the PC version launched with only partial ultrawide support and the PS5 recently received support for 1440p.

This would not be the first time that Sony Interactive Entertainment has done a remaster to upgrade a game for its newest console. VGC has reached out to SIE for comment and PC players are no doubt curious as to if a remaster would find its way over the same way that Spider-Man Remastered did. PC players are of course also eagerly waiting to see if/when the next installment will cross over.

More Horizon projects are in the works

Meanwhile, Sony and Guerilla Games are said to be expanding the Horizon franchise. From a multiplayer project to a television series, there are multiple projects believed to be in the works, not to mention the current series of games is a planned trilogy so there’s still one more game left to complete the current story.

Source: VGC

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